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Rich with history

The Boothbay Playhouse was the collective vision of fellow classmates, Sherwood Keith and Joseph Celi, from the Boston Leland Powers School of Theater.  With the financial assistance of Sherwood’s father, Sherwood & Celi purchased the Jasper Wyman farm on Route 27 in Boothbay, Maine.  Construction of the then state of the art barn theater included a fly house and modern theater lighting; and was completed on July 1, 1937.  Over the past eight decades, the Playhouse barn theater has hosted local, regional and national talent to include TV and movie actors such as Christopher Reeve (Superman), Oscar nominated Tom Hulce (Amadeus), Maeve McGuire (Edge of Night, All My Children, Another World, and the film Working Girl), Oscar nominated writer John Gay, Sherwood Keith (The Andy Griffith show), and Polly Holliday (Flo from TV’s Alice).  The Playhouse was also featured as point of interest in the June 1968 issue of National Geographic.

The legacy continues...

The past few years have been a labor of love while the historical gem was painstakingly restored.  Touches of elegance and modern conveniences were added, while still embracing the structure's historical roots.  The results of this labor of love is the picturesque venue you see today.  Come, write your love story into the rich history of The Boothbay Playhouse.  Forever starts here. 

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Meet the Owners

John and Sara Berkeley acquired The Boothbay Playhouse in September of 2020 while in search of the perfect venue for their own wedding.  They wanted to be married in the Midcoast Maine area and knew just what they were looking for in a venue but couldn’t seem to find it.  When they happened across the Playhouse they fell in love with the antique building and had finally found their perfect venue.  Not only did the first chapter of their lives together as The Berkeley’s begin, but so did the next chapter in the story of The Boothbay Playhouse. 

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